Justin and Silver Al

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A Pan-American Adventure

Silver Al

Hello. Welp, the planning portion of this trip has sort of come together as much as it's going to and it's getting to be time to go. I stayed up all last night teaching myself how to create this website and I'm cautiously optimistic that it will work out. While I know it has been done, I can't find any other blogs or websites from anyone else that has done this trip which is exciting I guess. Hopefully as you read this I am driving along a road, pointed south, somewhere between Maine and Argentina. That or sleeping. Whenever possible I hope to post my impressions here and if I can hold onto my camera and audio recorder, I will also try to post some pictures and audio recordings. I am not totally sure that Silver Al will make it all the way (sorry Al), but I hope that I will. Wish me luck and if you are so inclined, enjoy!
Here We Go!

Justin and Bret

Ok! It is 9:58 PM Fri. Dec. 28th. After a long day of driving to the Cape and getting details together; documents photocopied, padlock latches bolted onto the car, car stereo installed (except for getting the crazy super sub-back-trunk megawoofers to work), camera purchased, loading up on maps, figuring out US dollars vs travelers checks, getting a few spare car parts, putting batteries into things, eating Craigville Pizza with black greasy fingers, trying to find a properly fitting tire iron, deciding between t-shirt a and t-shirt b (sometimes a breast pocket is nice to have on a t-shirt, other times not)....After all these things and more, we are just a few minutes (perhaps a half an hour) from leaving. It is cloudy outside and is supposed to start raining as we head West. We are going to try to pull a multi-day rotating power-drive (MDRPD) with the help of redbull and some over-the-counter pills that Bret got called something like 'super power burst plus', so I'm not sure when you'll be hearing from me again, but I'll try not to leave you hanging too long. I'm a bit frazzled to be honest but Bret said he'd take the first shift, even if he appears to be fast asleep at the moment. Come on Bret, get up. We gotta go!

MP3 - Just getting on the road

MP3 - first mishap

MP3 - lost in CT

5:56 pm Sat. night, Dec. 29th.  Charleston WV.  Poaching the web compliments of Microtel Inn.  Trying to google up a decent restaurant in town.  This is our first stop with the exception of gas and the windshield wiper incident.  You will soon be able to hear about the windshield wiper incident...we have it recorded on audio.  More later, this red bull and popcorn diet has left me starving!  P.S. Thanks to those who have already sent me very nice messages!  Stay tuned!

MP3 - 24 hours in

We have made it to Santa Fe, NM.  We arrived around 7 PM last night (Dec. 30) and are staying with my good old friends Mark and Leslie.  They have treated us right, making a very fine dinner and setting us up with a very comfortable bed.  Before going to sleep we all soaked in a cedar hot tub that Mark built on his deck.  Awesome!  Now Silver Al is getting her windows tinted and we are planning to head South and spend the night at some hot springs near the border.  Tomorrow we are Mexico bound!

Mark and Leslie

Breaking news:  Per a message on the cell phone, an old friend of Bret and I, Eli Bliss, is interested in joining the adventure.  Eli is a stand-up guy and would make a great companion so we'll see what happens!

MP3 - Eli's message

MP3- message for Eli

MP3 - Speaking with Eli

Hot Springs Hostel

Leaving Santa FE

Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2008